Florian Hierdeis looks back at a teaching carreer of more than 15 years and finished his studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with a Bachelor of Music.

He teaches grown-ups and kids from 6 years on. The students are free to ask their questions about / or can get in touch with:
the Classical, Accoustic or Electrical Guitars
(all styles, spezialized in Improvised Music and Jazz)
Melodyplay - Chords - Rhythm - Sightreading - Improvising
Eartrainig - Harmonics and Voiceleading


Regular Privat Guitar Lessons: (reliable and every week 1h)
5 times package for 150.-
10 times package for 300.-


All payments in advance. All prices incl. tax.
Visit my course at the DJAM Postbus 92131 1090 AC Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 - (0)20 - 665 63 38
Fax: +31 - (0)20 - 665 63 38

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